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Countdown Thursday 9/1/2011 and Karma

Current livestream is now to be found at http://www.thertv.eu/?p=22.

http://www.rtvstream.com/st/crrnt.php  is working, when rtv has a functioning live stream anywhere.

Tonight on Countdown

  • ShowPlug1: Scheduling Conflict – the WH rolls over; how GOP sources are saying the fuel to this embarrassing fire was Rush Limbaugh
  • ShowPlug2: @RyanGrim on the timeline of the disaster; Economist Jeff Madrick of @rooseveltinst on why POTUS’s jobs idea must be of FDR-scope
  • ShowPlug3: Perry promises “nothing in my life will embarrass you.”Then his support of International Government Health Insurance is revealed
  • ShowPlug4: Bush’s Brain co-author Jim @MooreThink joins me on Perry’s HCR problem plus Bachmann bowing out of NH & Romney’s fake populism
  • ShowPlug5: NYPD not only running secret CIA, also lists “Ancestries Of Interest” to infiltrate. AP’s @MattApuzzo here w/latest scoop
  • ShowPlug6: Worsts: Local AZ GOP’er slams Tucson GOP for raffling off Glock 8 months after Giffords shooting; Steven Seagal kills animals
  • ShowPlugLast: And Billo Cop Scandal makes it to Apple Daily Animated Video. @MaysoonZayid joins me. We will laugh derisively.

Guests: Ryan Grim(HuffPo), Jeff Madrick(Roosevelt Institute), James Moore(co-author “Bush’s Brain”), Matt Apuzzo(AP), Maysoon Zayid

Ryan GrimJeff MadrickJames MooreMatt ApuzzoMaysoon Zayid

Topics: POTUS jobs speech, GOP candidates, NYPD/CIA, Billo/NCPD Apple Daily-ed

YT alternatives: jobs speech/Limbaugh/GOP, what should be in the jobs speech, GOP candidates, TMO, N.Y.C.I.A., WPitW, Billo Apple Daily-ed

Full show transcript September 1 is online. All transcripts will be on http://countdownlibrary.blogspot.com/

There are also segment transcripts which contain the related links to the story.

The TMO ones include links to the shown videos.

In other news: Keith wasn’t using the subway today and his car got stuck behind a truck. He tweeted from the passenger seat:

Karma! Stuck behind a Darius Rucker-emblazoned 18-wheeler in midtown #OnlyWannaBeWithYouInTraffic

Darius Rucker HatB

Why Karma? Keith and Dan Patrick were in the video of Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie & The Blowfish.

A second tweet gives you the full picture:

Judging by the font it’s “Darius Rucker And The Deathly Hallows Part 2”

Darius Rucker HatB truck

Rachel talks about Keith, who wants world domination but gets “Hannitized” in fashion

Yesterday, Rachel Maddow was on The Late Show and Dave’s first questions were about Keith. She also cleared up the misconception about both not talking.

My friend Keith (…) We have not talked since he left MSNBC but I don’t think that’s for any important reason. We’ve been busy.

You can watch it on their website or ,if that doesn’t work, here.

Also, the Associated Press has another interview published by  ABC, among others, with more details about the studio and Keith’s wish of world domination. Most important fact: The set for his show hasn’t been delivered yet.

Furthermore a new Contradictionary came out today:

The term “Hannitized” already exists with several meanings.

And today’s eye candy: Keith walking around Yankee Stadium (complete with fashion analysis).


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